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Flames of War GE: SS Panzerpioneer Platoon (3 Squads)

The divisional Panzerpionierabteilung (armoured pioneer battalion) of an SS-Panzerdivision has a dual role as both a regular infantry battalion and as assault engineers leading the way in assaults against fortified positions.

They are much more focused on close-combat than the normal infantry having flame-throwers and demolition charges, but fewer machine-guns, mortars, and assault guns than the Panzergrenadiers.
The large number of half-tracks the Panzerpionier platoons need to carry both troops and engineering stores gives them plenty of firepower on the move, the ability to clear obstacles in the offensive, and place obstacles when defending.
The SS-Panzerpionier Platoon is truly an elite force on the battlefield. Because of this you will be asked to do more with less troops every time.

Fortunately your troops have the firepower to suppress enemy infantry with ease and the explosive charges they need to blow apart any tank in close combat. 
A full strength SS-Panzerpionierabteilung is even stronger than a Heer Panzerpionierabteilung:  

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Flames of War GE: SS Panzerpioneer Platoon (3 Squads)
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