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Flames of War GE: SS Platoon

While the Blitzkrieg days are gone, the role of the SS-Panzergrenadier has not diminished in late war. No one is better than the Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon at assaults. Whether they must break through the enemy lines, retake lost ground, or capture the objective, the armoured Panzergrenadiers will do the job.
Their motorised brothers also play an important role in the actions of the SS-Panzer divisions. They absorb the brunt of tank and infantry assaults and holding strategic towns and crossroads until the last man. These men fight hard against incredible odds and can be guaranteed to hold.

Defence is the forte of the Panzergrenadiers. With all the firepower from six machine-guns they can prevent almost any assault by going to ground in Schützenlöcher (foxholes) and holding fire until the last moment.
Inside you will find all that you need to field the infantry teams for either an Gepanzerte SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon or a motorised SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon from Cobra. You get six 4-man MG teams and 3-man Command MG team.
As additional options Panzerfaust anti-tank rockets have been included to upgrade the Command to a Command Panzerfaust SMG team and one MG team to a Panzerfaust SMG team.

For the armoured (Gepanerte) option just add three GE241 Sd Kfz 251/1 D half-tracks.

Your motorised transport is the most motley collection of trucks imaginable. Add some German, Soviet and Italian trucks in to the mix of transports you use with your SS-Panzergrenadiers. In Normandy the motorised SS-Panzergrenadiers would be extremely fortunate to have two trucks of the same model.

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Flames of War GE: SS Platoon
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