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Flames of War GE: SS Scout/Tank Hunter Platoon

Motorised SS-Scout or SS-Scout Platoon upgraded to Panzerfaust SMG teams

This dual-capability platoon can go anywhere in their mobile Schwimmwagen amphibious jeeps.

They can probe your avenues of approach or aid your observers in finding hidden enemy troops. By equipping your scouts as Panzerjäger tank-hunters, you can hold up an armoured advance through a chokepoint by destroying enough armoured vehicles to block the road.


The pack contains a Command Panzerfaust SMG team, 3 Panzerfaust SMG teams, and four Schwimmwagen jeeps with drivers and passengers. To field the SS-Scout Platoon with MG teams simply used the miniatures from the GE813 SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon.

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Flames of War GE: SS Scout/Tank Hunter Platoon
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