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Flames of War GE: StuG IV

StuG IV (GE126)Sturmgeschütz IV, 7.5cm StuK L/48. Sd Kfz 167.The StuG IV was first considered as an alternative to Panzer III based vehicles in 1943 when trials were carried out to test whether the superstructure of the StuG III could be fitted on the hull of the Panzer IV. These early tests proved fortuitous when the StuG III factory at Alkett was heavily damaged in bombing and production stopped. As an alternative, StuG IV production was started at Krupp in December 1943 and by January 1944 all Panzer IV production at Krupp had switched to the StuG IV. The StuG IV was soon being issued to the independent Sturmgeschütz brigades of the Wehrmacht, Panzerjäger units, and Panzer units. It was used as both an assault gun in support of the infantry as well as a tank hunter, proving equally deadly in both roles. It has 80mm of front armour, 30mm of side and 11mm on top. Armed with the 7.5cm StuK40 and a MG34 it is a weapon for all occasions.In Flames Of WarDue to shortages of tanks increasing numbers of assault guns found there way in the Panzer battalions by 1944. In the Festung Europa Panzerkompanie you can choose to field StuG IVs rather than Panzers in your Panzer Platoons (p. 21, Festung Europa). The StuG IV can also be found it the more usual Assault Gun Platoon (p. 46, Festung Europa) support various German companies. The StuG IV is Fully-tracked and has armour of 7 front, 3 side and 1 top. It is armed with the 7.5cm StuK40 gun, a Hull MG (roof mounted with an armoured shield) and has Protected ammo and Schürzen. The Hull mounted 7.5cm StuK40 gun has a range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, AT 11 and FP 3+.

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Flames of War GE: StuG IV
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