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Flames of War GE: Tank Aces - Königstiger

There has been some debate on the forum on what will be in the first of our upcoming Elite Boxes, the Königstiger.
It is due out on August 11, but we thought we'd give you a sneak look and explain what you will get in this compact little box.
The first Königstigers went into the field with the Porsche turret, though sleek and stylish, it did have a few problems, and was replaced by the Henschel designed turret for the bulk of production.

The Königstiger box comes with one hull, but both types of turret and appropriate guns to fit them. Giving you a choice of which type of Königstiger to field. You get hatches for both turrets, so if you like you can paint up both turrets and swap between models as the fancy takes you.

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Flames of War GE: Tank Aces - Königstiger
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