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Flames of War GE: Tiger I E (Tunisia)

When the Tiger was introduced in 1942 it was a weapon un-equalled in performance and protection, there was little the Allies in the Tunisia or Russia could do to knock them out. It had its disadvantages (it was slow and a little unreliable to start with), but at the time its clear advantages outweighed these.

The Tiger first underwent development when specifications for a new heavy tank were sent out to various manufacturers. It was to mount a gun that penetrated 100mm of armour at a 1500m and also be able to withstand return fire from similar weapons. Henschel developed the VK3601, but this design was to have a squeeze bore weapon, which had to be abandoned due to the lack of an adequate supply of tungsten for the ammunition. The VK3601 was quickly adapted to mount the 8.8cm KwK36 gun, which had already made itself famous in the anti-tank role as the FlaK 36.

The new prototype became the VK4501 (H), the (H) to distinguish it from the parallel development of Porsche VK4501 (P) (which later became the Ferdinand).

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Flames of War GE: Tiger I E (Tunisia)
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