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Flames of War GE: U304 2cm Flak

The Waffen-SS developed the R-Vielfachwerfer (multiple rocket launcher, pronounced ra-kay-ten feel-fach-vairr-ferr) as a copy of the Soviet BM-8-32 Katyusha rocket launcher. 
As with all Panzergrenadier regiments, 125. Panzergrenadierregiment and 192. Panzergrenadierregiment of the 21. Panzerdivision have their own light anti-aircraft half-tracks. As you would expect for this division, they are built on French Unic half-track chassis, but are better protected than the normal Sd Kfz 10/5 half-tracks issued to other divisions.
Weight: 5 tons (estimated)
Crew: 7
Speed: 28 mph/45 km/h (est.)
Engine: Unic P39 62 hp
Armament: 2cm FlaK38
Armour: 1/2”/13mm (approximate)

In Flames Of War

The U304(f) (2cm) anti-aircraft half-track is the 21. Panzerdivision’s equivalent to the armoured Sd Kfz 10/5. It has armoured rated Front 0, Side 0, and Top 0.

It is has Half-tracked mobility, but is however Unreliable so be careful about driving in Rough terrain or moving At the Double.
The 2cm FlaK38 gun is ideal for protecting the Panzergrenadiers as they move forward against roaming Allied aircraft. It has Range 16”/40cm, ROF 4, Anti-tank 5 and Firepower 5+. An Armoured Light Anti-aircraft Platoon supporting a 21. Panzerdivision requires 2 or 3 U304(f) (2cm) anti-aircraft half-tracks.

In Flames Of War

The R-Vielfachwerfer Battery use the Rocket Launcher rules on page 131 of Flames Of War and the Armoured Rocket Launcher special rules on page 167 of the rulebook. The Armoured Rocket launcher special rule allows the battery to make a Stormtrooper move even if they have fired a bombardment in the Shooting step.
You can also spend points to add extra loading crews (which are included in the pack). Model the vehicle with five or more crew on the base and it counts as two launchers.

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Flames of War GE: U304 2cm Flak
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