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Flames of War GE: U304 (f) Halftrack

Another of Alfred Becker 's tasks was to utilise the many captured French half-track tractors so they could be used as armoured fighting vehicles.

The French had nearly 4000 Unic P107 light half-tracks in 1940, mainly used as light artillery tractors. With German Sd Kfz 251 half-tracks in short supply, Baustab Becker (Becker's Engineering workshop) converted several hundred Unic half-tracks into light armoured personnel carriers. This gave the 21. Panzerdivision two armoured infantry battalions.

A variety of different French half-tracks were converted into many varied fighting roles. The U304(f) leSPW provided the main armoured transport for the armoured Panzergrenadier Battalions. Others were fitted with various support weapons. Some of the command US304(f) half-tracks were fitted with the 3.7cm PaK36 gun for additional platoon support.

Weight: 5 tons (estimated)
Crew: 2
Speed: 45 km/h
Engine: Unic P-39 62 hp
Armament: Two MG 42
Armour: 13mm (approximate)

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War GE: U304 (f) Halftrack
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