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Flames of War GE: Wittmann and his Tiger 1E

Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann (GBX16)
Whittmann mounted and dismounted including Tiger Ie, Schwimmwagen and Panzer Lehr officer.
Born on 22 April 1914 in Bavaria, Michael Wittmann became perhaps the best recognised, even legendary, tank ace of World War II. His military career started in 1934 when he joined the army as an infantry soldier. This early training sparked Wittmann's interest in tanks.
In 1936 at the end of his enlistment, he joined the Allgemeine-SS and began his career in the SS-Verfügungstruppe, the military branch of the SS. When the war began, Wittmann was still in training as an armoured car commander. After only a short combat stint in Poland commanding an armoured car with just a 2cm, he found himself transferred to a Sturmgeschütz assault gun with a 7.5cm gun. While his performance in the subsequent Balkan campaign was good, it would be in Russia that his talents became obvious.

In his first summer in Russia, Wittmann was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class, soon followed by the Iron Cross First Class. In the spring of 1943, he joined the Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Division's 13th Panzer Company as a Tiger tank commander. By 1944, he had the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves for his gallant service in combat.

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Flames of War GE: Wittmann and his Tiger 1E
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