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Flames of War: Quartermasters Paint Set

The Quartermasters Paint Set contains a basic set of Vallejo colours. When combined with any of the army specific paint sets, you will have all the paints you need to paint your Flames Of War army.

All our new paint set are now branded with the Flames Of War logo, but still contain the same excellent Vallejo paint.
Colours included are :

Beige Brown (875)
Ideal for flesh basecoats and wood highlights.

Dark Blue (930)
Uniform markings and distinctions, Soviet officer's trousers in early and mid war.

Deep Yellow (915)
Uniform markings and distinctions

Flat Brown (984)
Leather, horses etc

Flat Flesh (955)
Flesh hightlight

Flat Red (957)
Uniform markings and distinctions, Tank markings and numbers

Gun Metal (863)
Bear metal weapons and equipment

White (951)
For lightening colours, Uniform markings and distinctions, Tank markings and numbers

Black Shade (201) and Brown Shade (200)
Black and Brown Shades are coloured washes specifically formulated to settle into recesses, accentuating detail and greatly speeding painting time. Whether used to add depth to the basecoat or as a final detailing step, the Shades will also enhance the durability of any paint job. Try diluting the washes and mixing them together to vary the effects they produce.

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Flames of War: Quartermasters Paint Set
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