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Flames of War SU: 76mm Infantry Gun (Late)

...with two guns, observer team and command team.

The Soviets (like many other European nations) classified their guns by their use. In the case of the 76mm obr 1927 gun, it was used in the fire support role at regimental level, hence it was known as a regimental gun. In fact it was really a light howitzer serving a similar role to the German 7.5cm leIG.
As hinted at by its designation it was put into production in 1927 at the Krasniy Putilovets factory. It proved a popular and useful small support weapon, being used both in the direct fire and indirect fire roles.

The obr 1927 was quite functional; it ranged out to around 8500 meters with a quite capable 13.7lb shell. By 1941 there were 4708 of these guns in service with the Red Army.

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Flames of War SU: 76mm Infantry Gun (Late)
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