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Flames of War SU: Heavy Mortar Company (Late)

...with four mortars, observer team and command team.

The Soviet 120mm mortars filled the role of cheap but effective regimental artillery. All the variations of the 120mm mortar were very similar in capabilities, though the m.1941 had a slightly longer range (6000m) compared to the 5700m of the m.38 and m.43.
These weapons proved powerful and easy to produce. They were a real salvation for the Red Army in 1941-1942 compensating for the lack of divisional and field artillery. They proved so effective that the Germans copied the design exactly (using blueprints, found at one of the Kharkov plants) for their sGrW42.   

It was also copied and deployed by the Finnish Army as the Model 1938 and remained in Finnish service well after WWII had ended. The Soviets produced over 46,000 120mm Mortars during the war. Six 120mm mortars were assigned to each Soviet Infantry Regiment.

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Flames of War SU: Heavy Mortar Company (Late)
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