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Flames of War SU: ISU 122/152

The Guards Heavy Assault guns are prefect for clearing enemy troops out of trenches and gun pits and devastate bunkers. They can also apply their massive weaponry against enemy tanks.
Both ISU heavy assault guns boast 9 frontal armour with 7 side armour and 2 on top. They are slow tanks. The ISU-152’s gun has anti-tank of 13, and a massive firepower of 1+, making sure that whatever it knocks down, stays down! The ISU-122 has anit-tank of 15, firepower 2+, making it an effective tank-killer, capable of destroying any enemy tank. 

A Corps Support choice – as a Guards Heavy Assault Gun Company
Whether taking on the heavy tanks of the enemy or smashing their fortifications,
the heroic Guards heavy assault gun companies are able to support the infantry at close quarters.
Blister           Unit Size: 3 - 5        Late War       Stalin,s Onslaught pg. 33    

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Flames of War SU: ISU 122/152
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