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Flames of War SU: Machine-Gun Company (late)

The reliable and deadly Maxim water-cooled machine-gun has been serving the people’s army of the Soviet Union in battle since before the revolution, when the reactionary elite were toppled from power. Massed together they unleash a torrent of lead into the fascist invaders, stopping them dead in their tracks or keeping their heads down while you assault their position!
Pack Contents
You will find the full devastating power of a Soviet Machine-gun Company inside your pack, 8 HMG teams and a Command Rifle team to lead them.
In Flames Of War
With a ROF 6 and Range 24”/60cm the people’s machine-guns will sweep the fascist from the field of battle and halt assaults cold in their tracks!
Sculpted by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter and James Brown

Hersteller: Battlefront

Best.-Nr.: FLSU734

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Flames of War SU: Machine-Gun Company (late)
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