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Flames of War SU: Mortar Company (late)

The Soviet 82-BM-41 mortars were tasked to assist the infantry with immediate artillery support. They were smoothbore, muzzle-loaded weapons and had fixed firing pins for drop firing. They were light so they could be manpacked in order to keep up with the infantry.
The Soviets went through a quick succession of mortar designs before settling on the distinctive 82-BM-41 design. It was designed to take advantage of mass production methods. It was generally simplified. 

Its round base plate was stamped out and the bipod could have wheels added to speed the mortars movement, to offset the Soviets lack of transport and making the Mortar easy to transport on foot by its crew without disassembling it.
In Flames Of War

The Soviet Mortar Company is a great addition to any infantry force. They are very cheap and can help your assault troops by pinning the enemy down while your Frontniks charge in. Their rapid-response and sheer number of tubes will be a vital asset for any assault to succeed. 
They have the critical role in pinning down the enemy and giving your soldiers a better chance by bombarding the enemy into submission.

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Flames of War SU: Mortar Company (late)
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