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Flames of War SU: Pyl'cyn and SMG Company

1 Shtraf Platoon or 2 Shock Submachine-gun Platoons

Whatever the reason for them being there, your men of the 8ya Otdyelnaya Shtrafnoy Batalon (8th Independent Penal Battalion) know the only way out is to fight and defeat the fascists, or die trying! The Komissar is there to remind them of their duty and to punish cowards.

The brave Shtrafniki (penal soldiers) are well armed with the reliable Pepeshka submachine-guns, grenades, raw desperate courage and plenty of ammunition. The factories of the Soviet Union have supplied them with the ability to finally complete the great mission to rid Mother Russia of the fascist invaders! They utilise the potential of the submachine-gun and fire at close range to suppress the enemy and then the Shtrafniki hurl themselves against the enemy defences.
The Shtraf Batalon is the blunt reconnaissance instrument of the Soviet Army. The Shtraf, or penal, battalions are formed from Soviet soldiers who have committed offences against the Motherland. 

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Flames of War SU: Pyl'cyn and SMG Company
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