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Flames of War SU: Soviet Casualties

The Soviet casualties pack offers some new miniatures to add to any other Soviet company to make your bases come alive with action.
Originally, these figures were designed to add flavour to the massive Shtraf companies. Casey’s Shtraf battalion project uses these figures in his first company to represent heavy casualties as it charges towards the objective!

These have long been a dream for Casey, an avid Soviet player, who wanted to be able to model his tide of men both advancing and in the slightly more gruesome, no matter how realistic, posed as dead and wounded. Soviet casualties can also add a bit of realism to German teams, objectives, and terrain.
The pack includes 11 individually sculpted casualties with 22 figures in total.
Painted by James Brown
Sculpted by Evan Allen

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War SU: Soviet Casualties
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