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Flames of War SU: Strelkovy Platoon (Battle-hardened)

It is a truism of warfare that to the soldier it seems the enemy always has the better weapons. It is often the experience or battle hardened soldiers who pick up the enemy weapons and use them in preference to their own. The men of the Red Army were no different.

While the German were happily picking up PPSh submachine-guns and STV semi-automatic rifles, the Soviet were firing MP-40 submachine-guns, MG-34 and MG-42 machine-guns back at them.
Life on the front line is hard and many tough soldiers fought on with minor wounds rather than desert their comrades. The bond between soldiers is often strong, especially among the old hands.†

The Miniatures

These tough Soviet veterans are idea for fielding the men of the Udarny Strelkovy Companies. Use three of these packs for a company or simply mix them with the SU732 Strelkovy Platoon (Late) miniatures or add them to the SBX02 Udarny Strelkovy Company.
Many are armed with captured German weapons like the MG-42 machine-gun, STG-44 assault rifle and MP-40 submachine-gun.
You canít enter a battle without picking up a few wounds, even if just light, and a number of these miniatures sport bandages.†

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Flames of War SU: Strelkovy Platoon (Battle-hardened)
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