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Flames of War US: Armoured Rifle Platoon HQ

The armored rifle companies follow close behind the tanks. If the tanks get held up by opposition they can't bull through, the armoured riflemen dismount and clear the way. Often their mobility allows them to pick their fights and outflank the enemy.

The Company Headquarters is in the core of all this, they command the Armor Rifle Platoons and issue supporting weapons platoons such as the Armored Machine-gun Platoon and Armored Anti-tank Platoon as needed.


The new US Armored Rifle Company Headquarters is part of out drive to make our pack more user friendly. Rather than supplying just the command teams and optional weapons as we have done before we have also added the transport vehicles.

Inside you will find:

- Company Command Carbine team
- 2iC Command Carbine team
- Bazooka team
- Jeep with AA MG
- M3 half-track with .50cal AA MG

Actual miniature pose mix may vary from those shown.

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War US: Armoured Rifle Platoon HQ
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