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Flames of War US: Boat Section

The boat section gives company commanders a great deal of capability in a small package. It is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none type organisation. With the platoon’s ability to clear wire like an engineer unit, few enemy obstacles will slow the unit down.

Combined with the explosives the platoon carries, it can take out bunkers or tanks much more effectively than regular infantry. Launching a successful assault is far easier with your flame-thrower’s ability to pin down the enemy. Taking a light machine-gun with its high rate of fire will provide the opportunity to pin down the enemy far more easily than with only rifles.
Even using your mortar as a one-gun battery provides an opportunity to pin down enemy units and give you a chance to close with and destroy the enemy in the assault. However, for experienced US players you must be aware that the platoons are slightly smaller and therefore easier to break. While you can take losses, do not throw away your troops without careful consideration of what you are trying to accomplish. Assault Companies provide the US player with yet another interesting and historical force to play in Flames Of War.
Additionally you can field them as a Confident Trained or a Confident Veteran force depending on the division you would like to play. When playing either of these forces all troops must be from the same division but share the corps support troops between them.

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Flames of War US: Boat Section
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