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Flames of War US: DUKW (x2)

with two DUWK trucks & crews.

The DUKW (also known as the Duck) was used in landings in the Mediterranean, and on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion, moving troops and vital supplies ashore to keep the Allies fighting. 

Based on the standard 2½ ton 6 x 6 truck fitted with a watertight hull, it relied on its 6 wheel drive while on land and was push along by a propeller and steered by a combination of the front wheels and a rear rudder when on the water.

Hatches in the deck allowed for easy access to storage compartments and the engine. The DUKW was also fitted with a rear mounted winch capable of pulling over 4,500kgs. It was also fitted was pumps to clear water from the hull when the need arose.

As the Allies pushed towards Germany, the role of the DUKW stayed the same, even as the beaches of Normandy gave way to the roads and rivers of Western Europe. Able to carry 25 men or up to 2½ tons of cargo, the DUKW saw service in large numbers and proved its worth in the many amphibious and river crossing operations during the war.

Designs by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown

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Flames of War US: DUKW (x2)
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