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Flames of War US: Fire Direction Center (FDC)

A Fire Direction Center (FDC) quickly consolidates the fires of heavy and light weapons in order to unleash a truly heavy bombardment upon a known target. Located with the corps or divisional big guns, they also coordinate the fires of non-artillery weapons into the overall fire support plan.

In Flames Of War

Linking to FDC
The Fire Support Net is a communications net that gives any unit with the proper training, artillery registration, and radio sets the ability to link with an FDC team.

Any platoon with a Staff team is automatically linked to the FDC team.

Any platoon listed under the Supporting Fire special rule can link to an FDC team by deploying their platoon’s Command team within Command Distance of the FDC team at the start of the game.

Observers are linked to the FDC team if their platoon is linked to the FDC team.

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Flames of War US: Fire Direction Center (FDC)
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