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Flames of War US: M20 Utility

In 1943 the Tank Destroyer Command requested a vehicle that could be a command car, personnel and cargo carrier and mounted an AA multiple MG mount. The result was the M20 Armored Utility Car. The M20 Armored Utility Car, also known as the M20 Scout Car, was a M8 Greyhound with the turret removed. This was replaced with a low, armoured open-topped superstructure and an anti-aircraft ring mount for a .50 cal M2 heavy machinegun.
A bazooka was provided for the crew to compensate for its lack of anti-armour weaponry. The M20 was primarily used as a command vehicle and for forward reconnaissance for M10 and M18 tank destroyer units.Originally designated the M10 Armored Utility Car, it was redesignated M20 to avoid confusion with the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer. 3,680 M20s were built by Ford during its two years in production (1943-1944).

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Flames of War US: M20 Utility
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