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Flames of War US: M51 Quad .50cal AA (x2)

with two Maxon Quad .50 cal & Command team.

Mounted in a quad configuration, the M2 .50cal machine gun made a highly effective anti-aircraft weapon in the hands of the American soldier during World War Two.

The M51 mount did not a have high degree of mobility when compared to other mounts used during the war. It was often restricted to locations with good roads and could not be man-handled into position quickly. These factors made the M51 suitable for semi-stationary roles such as protection artillery positions and supply depots from potential air attack.

Technical Data

Calibre: .50 inches (12.7mm).

Muzzle Velocity: 2,930 feet per second.

Effective range: 2,500 yards.

Rate of fire: 1,600 - 2,200 rounds per minute.

Weight: approximately 2,400lb.

Height (guns level): 55 inches.

Height (guns fully elevated): 75 inches.

In Flames Of War

Keeping the dwindling number of German aircraft away from Allied high value targets is the bread and butter of the M51 .50 cal AA guns. Protect your artillery by placing them in range of your anti-aircraft guns.

Range 16"/40cm; ROF 6; Anti-tank 4; Firepower 5+

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Flames of War US: M51 Quad .50cal AA (x2)
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