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Godslayer - Rise of Legends Rules Box (english)


The GODSLAYER - Rise of Legends rules box contains the core rulebook with the complete expanded rules of GODSLAYER as well as the world background book.

The core rulebook contains:
Detailed rules expanding the Quick-Start rules, accompanied by dozens of helpful examples and diagrams.
Detailed descriptions of each model of every faction including their special rules and statistics
A chapter containing numerous fun scenarios and multiplayer rules
A section on painting and modelling GODSLAYER miniatures and terrain and advice on how to get the most from your hobby

The background book includes:
Introduction to the world of GODSLAYER and its geography
The illustrated mythology of the GODSLAYER world -The history of the last few centuries
A section detailing the six factions and their sub-factions who each represent an empire or culture of the GODSLAYER world.
A map of the world of GODSLAYER, and detailed maps of the central continent of Ghorn

The GODSLAYER - Rise of Legends box is an invaluable guide to everything GODSLAYER, and will greatly enhance your gaming experience!

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Godslayer - Rise of Legends Rules Box (english)
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