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Grey Wolf Revised

Grey Wolf is our Axis volume. It contains the Germans, Hungarians and Finns. The German forces cover everything from infantry to tank forces, with forces representing the Heer (army), Waffen-SS and the Luftwaffe (air force).

German New Stuff
One of the first new forces you will discover is the Kampfgruppe Bäke briefing. This was originally published on the website as a PDF intelligence briefing. This force represents the heavy tank regiment formed under Oberstleutnant Dr. Franz Bäke. His unit contained one battalion each of Tiger I E and Panther tanks. Bäke’s regiment play a crucial role in the battles for the Korsun and Kaments-Podulsky Pockets. The briefing also includes Warrior rules for Oberstleutnant Dr. Franz Bäke himself.

The next new briefing covers the foreign SS forces that fought in Estonia on the Narva River. These Dutch and Scandinavian volunteers fought alongside Heer and Luftwaffe troops to hold the Soviet advance. The two units were often supported by the Tiger I E tanks of Otto Carius and 502. Schwere Panzerabteilung.
We have also added the Sicherungskompanie, or Security Company, another former website PDF intelligence briefing.. This force is a great opponent for the Partisans and Poles in Red Bear. They also found themselves in the thick of the fighting during Operation Bagration as the Red Army encroached into the rear areas.
The Sicherungs and other troops were often given support by Armoured Trains. Two new armoured train platoons are available to support a variety of forces. The first represents the captured Polish trains the Germans put into service, while the second option covers the German designed BP44 Armoured Train.

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Grey Wolf Revised
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