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Halo: Covenant CPV-Class Heavy Destroyer


Relentless engines of destruction, the CPV remains one of the most feared warship silhouettes across human space. However, its role within the Covenant military was that of a ship for flagellants, crewed by those deemed unstable or unsuitable for service in the regular Ministry fleets; led by those whose actions did not rise to heresy, but who carried the stench of disloyalty or disobedience.
It was CPV crews who were called upon to do the dangerous and rather distasteful orbital bombardment of worlds early in the campaign against humanity, hovering over cities, factories, and farms in order to burn them clean of apostasy in the face of withering fire from surface installations and remaining UNSC defenders in higher orbit. Hundreds of shattered CPV hulls remain on these charred worlds, monuments to crews who found honor only in compliance with suicidal orders, their family names once more added to the rolls of those worthy to continue the march to glorious salvation.
As the war progressed the crews of the CPVs found a newfound purpose as executioners and heralds, wielding excavation beams with deft hands and claws to carve meaningful sigils into cleansed worlds and leading battle groups against remnant UNSC forces judged unworthy of meeting the fleets Supreme Commander. Veteran crews also found a new currency of honor in using their well-practiced skills to assist the artifact hunting fleets that scoured former human worlds for Forerunner relics and war trophies, with many turning quasi-mercenary and offering their services to Ministry leaders eager to one-up each other with treasures and baubles recovered from the glassed ruins.
3x resin CPV-class heavy destroyers
6x plastic SDV heavy corvettes
1x formation base sprue
2x Covenant token sheets
1x statistic sheet
1x formation overlay sheet

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Halo: Covenant CPV-Class Heavy Destroyer
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