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Halo: Covenant Large Upgrade Box


The contents of this boxed set can be used by Covenant players to either upgrade their Halo: Fleet Battles force with additional large model firepower or act as the foundation for a new force. At the heart of the upgrade box are two ORS Heavy Cruisers, a devastating addition to any Covenant fleet. Armed with a host of plasma-based weaponry, the ORS is able to field both bombers and interceptors into the heat of battle. The Heavy Cruisers are supported by four SDV Heavy Corvettes that can be fielded as Support vessels on the ORS's Base or as Formations in their own right. Also included in the box are Formation Bases and Ship Overlay Sheets for all models included.
6 Highly-detailed Plastic Ship Models
1 Formation Base Sprue (4 Bases in all)
1 Ship Overlay Sheet (6 Ship Overlays)
2 Token Sheets
1 Statistics Sheet
1 Assembly Guide

Hersteller: Spartan Games

Best.-Nr.: SGHFCV02

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Halo: Covenant Large Upgrade Box
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