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Halo: Fleet Battles, Ensign Edition


Halo: Fleet Battles, Ensign Edition makes it even easier for players around the world to begin gaming exciting spaceship battles set in the fantastic Halo Universe. Inside this 2-player box set players will find all the models and rules they need to start playing. The set allows for six Battle Groups (four UNSC and two Covenant) of highly detailed spaceships to be fielded, providing players with a superb base for future fleet expansion.
The Ensign Edition consists of the following components:
128-page Core Rulebook
16x UNSC Plastic Ships
8x Covenant Plastic Ships
Plastic Formation Bases
Token, Statistic and Overlay Sheets
Punch-Out Scenery Sheet
2x Fleet Commander Data Sheets
30x Custom Halo Dice and 2x Standard D6
Reference Sheet
Assembly Instructions
Enough gaming pieces for hours of fun!

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Halo: Fleet Battles, Ensign Edition
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