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Halo: UNSC Valiant-Class Super Heavy Cruiser


First drafted as a compromise between a battleship and heavy cruiser, the Valiant-class suffered through years of feasibility studies and redesigns before the first hull was released from the Martian shipyard docking clamps in 2493.
The Valiant showed promise during initial testing and evaluation, but cost overruns and delays in incorporating next-generation fusion drives seemingly doomed the class. Less than two years after entering service the Valiant was stricken from the UNSC Navy rolls and partially scrapped. The ship would have been a mere footnote in Navy history were it not for the expansion of Navy prestige and responsibilities following revelations of Colonial Military Authority (CMA) infiltration by Insurrection sympathizers in 2497.
Almost overnight the Navy was faced with a lack of command-and-control vessels, with ships traditionally assigned to such tasks quickly tied up in lengthy counterinsurgency operations. The Valiant-class had the tonnage and firepower to augment battle groups composed of smaller vessels on patrols, as well as the space to install flag bridge facilities demanded by admirals leading the expeditionary operations.
The Valiant and a handful of other super-heavy cruiser spaceframes were converted into command ships; the most famous of these refurbished vessels was the Everest, fated to be the flagship of the legendary Vice Admiral Preston Cole. However, resource and crew shortages during Operation: TREBUCHET and continuing in the Covenant War curtailed plans to give all Valiant-class warships a complete suite of command upgrades.
3x resin valiant-class super heavy cruisers
12x plastic paris-class frigates
1x formation base sprue
2x UNSC token sheets
1x statistic sheet
1x formation overlay sheet

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Halo: UNSC Valiant-Class Super Heavy Cruiser
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