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Hordes: Hordes Devastation Hardcover (engl.)


Choices often come with unintended  consequences, and doubly so for those choices born of desperation. A decision  made under duress, in the heat of the moment, can lead to exactly the end it  was meant to avoid. Such is the story of Madrak Ironhide and his choice to  wield the ancient and terrible axe Rathrok in a desperate bid to save his  people. As the power of the axe stirs and grows with each blood-soaked battle,  the Devourer Wurm turns from its eternal battle against Menoth in Urcaen and  casts its gaze upon the world of the living. Sensing its master2019s desires  Wurmwood, the Tree of Fate, carefully manipulates events from the shadows,  preparing to enact a ritual that will part the veil and unleash the Devourer  Wurm on Caen. Amid these climactic events, legendary warlocks rise to the  crisis, tapping heretofore-unknown inner reserves so they might avert the  apocalypse...or perhaps hasten it.  As old heroes become new again, the wild  factions of Immoren cast aside all pretense of hiding in the shadows and reveal  the true extent of their might. Previously unseen gargantuans descend upon the  battlefield, their footsteps shaking the earth as they heed their warlocks2019  calls to slaughter. Whether it be the crackling electrical fury of the savage  Storm Raptor or the multi-headed, acid-spewing nightmare that is the Desert  Hydra, these fearsome warbeasts will rock the very foundations of war within  the Iron Kingdoms. HORDES:  Devastation brings you the next thrilling chapter of the  HORDES saga. Fight for survival with: · New incarnations of some of HORDES2019  most feared and revered legends.  · New and terrifying gargantuans  ready to crush the opposition. · New units, solos, and  warbeasts ready to lend their strength to the battle for survival. · New narrative fiction  continuing the savage tale of HORDES: Exigence. · A painting and modeling  guide to help you prepare your forces for battle. · Theme Force lists for each  new warlock.

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Hordes: Hordes Devastation Hardcover (engl.)
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