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Hordes Legions of Everblight: Legion Nephilim Soldier Light Warbeast (plastic)

Everblight's long  study of the elves has borne horrific fruit in the nephilim. Everblight selects  certain pregnant Nyss to receive a special draught of his warlocks' blood. This  blighted essence transforms the life growing within them into dragonspawn.  Terrible hybrids of elf and spawn, nephilim soldiers possess the bestial  strength and powers of dragonspawn while also being able to wield weapons as  skillfully as the Nyss themselves. The Nephilim  Soldier comes in a box (PIP  73093). A player may field any number of  Nephilim Soldiers in a Legion army.   SPECIAL NOTE: PIP  73093 contains the  same Mk  II stat card as PIP  73022. The model in this box represents  the same figure as PIP  73022 in the game. However, the model in  PIP  73093 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model  found in PIP  73022. In addition, this model is plastic rather than metal.

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Hordes Legions of Everblight: Legion Nephilim Soldier Light Warbeast (plastic)
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