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Hordes Minions: Minion Efaarit Scout Resin

Tribal nomads  native to the Bloodstone Desert, the efaarit are a hardy race of talented  survivalists. Atop their belligerent bletcher mounts, efaarit scout teams cross  even the most punishing terrain to outflank an enemy. Precise fire from their  powerful hunting rifles can bring down even massive warbeasts, as these scouts  target joints and gaps in their adversaries' armor with prodigious accuracy. The Efaarit Scout  light cavalry solo comes in a blister (PIP  75052). A player may field up  to two Efaarit Scout light cavalry solos for each warlock in a Circle, Skorne,  Trollbloods, or Thornfall Alliance army.

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Hordes Minions: Minion Efaarit Scout Resin
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