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Hordes Minions: Minion Farrow Meat Thresher (plastic)

The meat thresher  is a rolling death machine conceived of twisted farrow ingenuity and built of  plunder. A scorching-hot steel cylinder holding panicked razor boars provides  locomotion and is also the meat thresher2019s primary weaponry, flattening foes  under its crushing weight. Those that escape being ground to pulp are mowed  down by heavy-caliber rounds from the hailer mounted atop this surprisingly  effective contraption.  The Meat Thresher comes in  a box (PIP  75055). A player may field up to two Meat Threshers for each  warlock in a Skorne, Trollbloods, or Thornfall Alliance Minion pact army

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Hordes Minions: Minion Farrow Meat Thresher (plastic)
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