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Hordes Skorne: Skorne Extreme Titan Gladiator Plastik

The Privateer  Press Extreme models embody the full-throttle attitude of WARMACHINE and HORDES  cranked up another notch. These models represent the ultimate creative vision  for the Iron Kingdoms' most iconic warjacks and warbeasts - taken to the extreme!  Designed for the display case, these models are also legal for use in  WARMACHINE and HORDES games. Alive with lavish  detail, the massive Extreme Titan Gladiator bristles with pent-up aggression  and is sure to inspire awe in all who behold it. Extreme Titan  Gladiator comes in a box (PIP  74093). A player may field any number of  Extreme Titan Gladiators in a Skorne army. SPECIAL NOTE: PIP  74093 contains the  same stat card as the Titan Gladiator in PIP  74057. The model in this box  represents the same figure in the game. However, the model in PIP  74093 is  a premium "Extreme" sculpt designed as a collector's display piece and suitable  for tabletop use.

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Hordes Skorne: Skorne Extreme Titan Gladiator Plastik
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