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Hordes Skorne: Skorne Heavy Warbeast Aradus Sentinel / Soldier

The horrific,  insect-like aradus are among the most terrifying of the skorne's warbeasts.  Protected by a thick layer of chitin, aradus soldiers lash out in battle with  hooked claws to drag enemies toward their vicious mandibles. The soldier grows  strong from its feast, wounds closing with each mouthful. The aradus sentinel  possesses venom sacs that can be constricted to fire a precise blast of  debilitating venom at its enemies. Living tissue exposed to this toxin  dissolves and sloughs off the bone in melted gobbets. This box set  contains two color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warbeast plastic model  (PIP  74083). Included are all the components to assemble one of two heavy  warbeast variants: Aradus Sentinel or Soldier. A player may field any number of  these heavy warbeasts in a Skorne army.

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Hordes Skorne: Skorne Heavy Warbeast Aradus Sentinel / Soldier
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