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Hordes Trollblood: Trollblood Epic Hoarlock Doomshaper Dire Prophet (2)

Hoarluk Doomshaper has cemented himself by   word and deed as an essential pillar of the United Kriels, preaching a violent  rhetoric embracing aggression and the annihilation of all foes. He has proven  that victory cannot be attained through peace, but instead requires strength  and ruthless ferocity. He has scoured every sacred site and spent endless hours  collecting a wealth of ancient teachings. A number of stout pygmy trolls  volunteered to help shoulder the legendary shaman2019s burden, bearing enough  scrolls and cases to rival the weight of equipment borne by heavily armored  kriel warriors. Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet comes in a box (PIP  71090). A  player may field one Hoarluk   Doomshaper, Dire Prophet in a Trollblood army.

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Hordes Trollblood: Trollblood Epic Hoarlock Doomshaper Dire Prophet (2)
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