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Hordes Trollblood: Trollblood Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar Unit Attachment

Bushwhackers are now commonplace among the  fighting forces of the United Kriels. Captain Gunnbjorn's efforts have seen pyg  combatants organized into increasingly effective teams equipped with   firepower  to match. Attacks these pyg officers orchestrate can often end skirmishes  before they begin by striking from unseen positions. Other pygs have progressed  from rifles to heavier weaponry. Pyg mortar crews exhibit remarkable accuracy,  especially if aided by a spotter to help in range finding. The Pyg Bushwhacker Officer  & Mortar unit comes in a blister (PIP  71093). A player may field one Pyg  Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar unit for each warlock in a Trollblood army.

Hersteller: Privateer Press

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Hordes Trollblood: Trollblood Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar Unit Attachment
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