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How to Paint Genestealer Cults (engl.)

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Genestealer Cults is a fantastic, comprehensive introduction to painting Genestealer Cults miniatures, taking the reader through the basics of the Citadel Painting System with step-by step guides. Each guide shows you how to achieve the results using either layering techniques or drybrushing, and is perfect for anyone looking to make their Genestealer Cults miniatures look as good as they can!

Guides to the colour schemes of 7 specific Cults are included:

- The Pauper Princes
- The Bladed Cog
- The Blessed Wormlings
- Sons of Jormungandr
- The Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor
- The Hivecult
- The Cult Hydraic

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How to Paint Genestealer Cults (engl.)
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