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Infinity: Achilles V2 (Hoplite Armor) 10th Anniversary Lim.

Limited Edition celebrating  ten years of Infinity! A pack containing two versions of the ALEPH2019s special  character. One is the official version which will be released separately in few  months, but the other version is exclusive of this pack and available only for  limited time. Achilles, the greatest Greek hero, the finest of all warriors. A  superb combat machine in human form. The same special character now has a new  troop profile for your ALEPH army. In his new Hoplite Armor he is tougher and  more heavily armoured - the perfect spearhead of the Steel Phalanx!

Hersteller: Corvus Belli

Best.-Nr.: INF280008

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Infinity: Achilles V2 (Hoplite Armor) 10th Anniversary Lim.
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