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Infinity: Imperial Service (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack)

New release! A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Sectorial Yu Jing army on the Dragon's service. The Imperial Service is the the armed wing of the Emperor, a sinister and infamous Military and Judiciary Police corps capable to take control of any situation, and also a fearsome enemy. In this box you will find: 2 Celestial Guards, with Combi Rifle, the backbone of this Sectorial Army, one of them with a different pair of arms you only can find exclusively in this box; 1 Celestial Guard with Boarding Shotgun, a weapon option exclusive of this release; 1 Wu Míng with Boarding Shotgun, a Heavy Infantry trooper from a penal military regiment; 1 Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank, an elegant and highy skilled operator capable to avoid the Loss of Lieutenant game situation; 1 Hsien Warrior with MULTI Rifle, the highest rank of the Imperial Agents, capable to find any hidden enemy. The Imperial Service is the claws with which the Dragon destroys the enemies of Yu Jing.

Hersteller: Corvus Belli

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Infinity: Imperial Service (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack)
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