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Infinity: Infinity Campaign: Paradiso (Englisch)


Set upon Paradiso - a planet which sees constant fighting between the Human Sphere and the Combined Army, this campaign book introduces a number of game-changing mechanics to Infinity, as well as a brand new faction - the Tohaa, an enigmatic and mysterious alien race who have travelled the stars, clashing with rival factions - their motives are not entirely clear, but their methods are precise and deliberate.
With 16 new missions, campaign guidelines, a system for charting experience, and both new units and a new sectorial army for Aleph, this book adds a new layer of depth and detail to your adventures in the Human Sphere - with each game having consequences on the next.
Please note that this book is a campaign supplement, and that you will require a copy of the Infinity 2nd edition rulebook in order to make full use of this item.

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Infinity: Infinity Campaign: Paradiso (Englisch)
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