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Infinity: Joe "Scarface" Turner (Bootleg-Serie)

“You have ruined my T.A.G.! And you’ll pay for that! With blood!” Attributed to Joe “Scarface” Turner. Central Front of Norstralia. Paradiso. Second Offensive.

Joe “Scarface” Turner is mercenary T.A.G. pilot with a combat drug addiction in his past who now suffers the consequences, including a violent and volatile temperament. And there is only one thing that pisses him off more than seeing his T.A.G. damaged, and that’s having to explain why to Cordelia, his little sister and the engineer in charge of its maintenance and repair. As this poor Shasvastii Caliban is discovering!

Hersteller: Corvus Belli

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Infinity: Joe "Scarface" Turner (Bootleg-Serie)
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