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Infinity: S¨-JiÓn Immediate Action Unit (SpitfirePanzerfaust

The S¨-JiÓn, ?The Swift Sword?, is the most futuristic troop of Yu Jing, a Remote Presence Heavy Infantry with variable morphology. During the combat, the remote operator of the S¨-JiÓn can choose between the High Mobility Form (Remote shaped) to cross faster the battlefield thanks to its great speed and Climbing Plus Special Skill and the Combat Form (Humanoid shaped) which can deploy with more accuracy and effectiveness its superior firepower. By that reason, Corvus Belli proudly provides this hi-tech troop in a single release that contains both forms. What are you waiting for? Just activate the boosters of the S¨-JiÓn and run at full speed through the combat area to blow away the enemies of Yu Jing!

Hersteller: Corvus Belli

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Infinity: S¨-JiÓn Immediate Action Unit (SpitfirePanzerfaust
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