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Infinity: The Steel Phalanx Sextorial Starter Pack

The Assault Subsection, more commonly known to the mass media as “the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH”, was created by the AI as a response to the unstoppable menace of the Combined Army. Inspired by Classical Greek units and mythological warriors and forged in the crucible of battle, the Steel Phalanx is an unyielding force worthy of the Trojan War’s epic poems. In this box you will find all you need to start collecting: 3 Thorakitai, the base troops of the Assault Subsection, one with Submachine gun, one with Combi Rifle and one with Light Rocket Launcher; 1 Myrmidon Hacker, a female cyberwarrioress; 1 Agêma Marksman, an elite sharpshooter armed with a Missile Launcher; and the Myrmidon Officer Eudoros, armed with a Mk12 - this special character of renown allows Myrmidons to compose Fireteams. Don’t hesitate, if you haven't started building your combat force of brave warriors to fight the enemies of ALEPH, now is the time!

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Infinity: The Steel Phalanx Sextorial Starter Pack
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