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Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla


Inside this box is a Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla. Deadly new submarines are coming off the slips to augment the veteran Vanguards in the fight against the Imperial Bond. The most powerful of these is the massive Vengeance Class; a true underwater battleship, this mighty craft is capable of devastating enemy warships with massed torpedoes and hull-shredding saw-blades. Supported by squadrons of swift Valiant Class Submarines, experts in co-ordinated strikes on enemy shipping, and Dominion Class Support Cruisers to ‘find and fix’ targets, a Wolf Pack can cripple an enemy convoy without their desperate foes knowing what hit them.
Contains: 1 x Vengeance Class Submarine, 3 x Dominion Class Support Cruisers and 5 x Valiant Class Submarines

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Kingdom of Britannia Wolf Pack Flotilla
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