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Kingdom of Denmark Naval Battle Group


The Kingdom of Denmark has a long and proud history of excelling at naval warfare. With its strong ties to the Prussian Empire this renown has only deepened. Danish ships rely on a strong mix of sleek hull designs and powerful Prussian weaponry to dominate the battlefield. At the heart of the Naval Battle Group is the Ragnarok Class Pocket Battleship, its mass firepower sowing destruction through the enemy fleet. Danish Commanders often utilise the manoeuvrability and firepower of the Skagerrak Class Gunships and Sigurd Class Cruisers to pin the enemy in place and crush them with powerful turret and broadside volleys. Whilst the enemy are reeling the Korsor Class Corvettes and Fafnir Class Light Airships move in close to deliver the killing blow.

Contains: 1 Ragnarok Class Pocket Battleship, 3 Skagerrak Class Gunships, 3 Sigurd Class Cruisers, 1 Fafnir Class Light Airship, 8 Korsor Class Corvettes, 14 Prussian Empire Tiny Flyer Tokens and 1 A5 Fleet Booklet.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Kingdom of Denmark Naval Battle Group
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