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League of Italian States Aerial Battle Group


The League of Italian States has a long tradition of naval power, and the airships fighting under its flag are some of the finest to exist in the Sturminium Age. Despite their ornate decoration they are a fast and deadly opponent to face in battle.
The Italian Air Armada falls between the navy and army in terms of size, but considers itself even more elite. Air combat, especially that involving aeroplanes, lends itself well to the individualistic Italian character; one on one, Italian pilots are noted as being some of the best in the world.
Contains: 1 Ballistae Class Sky Fortress, 3 Pilum Class Airships, 3 Fortuna Class Bombers, 5 Stiletto Class Light Interceptors, 16 SAS Tokens, 3 movement trays, micro dice, 1 TAC Deck and Tokens & Templates

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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League of Italian States Aerial Battle Group
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