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League of Italian States Naval Battle Group


Known around the world as the masters of surface raiding, the League of Italian States maintains a sizeable fleet of powerful warships to patrol the Mediterranean. With their bristling turrets mounted atop ornate, arrow-thin hulls these vessels of war make no effort to hide their true nature in battle as they descend upon the enemy like a pack of wolves, circling and outmanoeuvring before delivering the final killing blow.
During the refit of its naval forces the League of Italian States introduced a number of new ship types, and also reclassified some existing ships in readiness for future expansion. The Minerva is an example of a new ship, whereas the Cinquedea Class Frigate was previously designated as a Destroyer.
Contains: 1 Mars Class Battleship, 1 Minerva Class Battle Cruiser, 3 Gladius Class Cruisers, 4 Cinquedea Class Frigates, 5 Scutum Class Corvettes, 3 Pugio Class Escorts, 6 Uccisore Class Assault Craft, 10 SAS Tokens, 2 movement trays, micro dice, 1 TAC Deck and Tokens & Templates.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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League of Italian States Naval Battle Group
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