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League of Italian States Support Group


The League of Italian States has a long tradition of naval power, and the warships fighting under its flag in the Sturginium Age are some of the finest vessels afloat. Despite their ornate decoration they are a fast and deadly opponent to face in battle.
Despite their natural tactic of deploying fast fleets of raiding ships, the League of Italian States is never left wanting for air support. This Support Group centres around the formidable Affondatore Class Battle Carrier, a veritable floating citadel. Capable of deploying a mix of support aircraft squadrons, assault craft and ranged gunnery it is more than a match for any other ship afloat. Also in the box is a collection of Pugio Class Escorts and a lethal Hasta Class Heavy Bomber, making this a force that can be relied upon to close with the enemy and, at the opportune moment, hammer home a killing blow.
Contains: 1 Affondatore Class Battle Carrier, 1 Hasta Class Heavy Bomber, 3 Pugio Class Escorts, 6 Uccisore Class Assault Craft, 13 SAS Tokens, 3 movement trays and dice.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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League of Italian States Support Group
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